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Chris Matthews really needs a vacation because like a lot of other liberals out there, he is starting to melt down. 'What do you mean by a metaphor?' Figure it out Chris, my 7 year old can.

As for Zell, I think he might say the Democratic party excommunicated him. Believe it or not, I like pretty much 99% of my family were Democrats at one time, but the Blue Dog Democrat, strong supporters of worker's rights, social safety nets but within reason. The Carter era converted pretty much all of my family to the GOP, hell, my grandparents voted for Reagan! First Republican they ever voted for. The Democratic party today being led by Hillary, Kennedy, Pelosi and such are not really Dems but socialists in my view. They have gone way beyond the FDR & JFK style of Democrat and have morphed into a new party altogether. They just won't admit it.

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