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Just to back up your point, there is the story of Pat Tillman. He was the NFL football player who walked away from a 3.6 million dollar contract to enlist in the Army as a Ranger with his brother. He was later killed in action under friendly fire, but for some reason the administration and the Army lied about how he died for political gains. Just the other day his brother wrote a very moving piece. For those who would like to read Kevin Tillman's letter can go here



My nephew is extremely intelligent and served in Iraq. The son of (our mutual) good friend is a college ROTC grad who has served there.

I would be interested in your parsing of the Keith Olbermann analysis of the statement. The Kerry statement is somewhat ambiguous ....

You had such a careful and measured approach to the prior thing on Olbermann, why not have a try on the current one.

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