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Anyone care to guess how long it will take him to flip flop on this position if the Republican Party sides differently on this position than him. I was one who drank the McCain Kool-Aid back in 2000. He would of had my vote because I bought what he was saying back then. I know you do not like McCain-Feingold, but I could live with that and I agreed with the notion they were pursuing. He had my support because I was fooled into believing he meant what he said, and was not bound to any one ideology. . Man was I wrong. McCain has flip flopped on every position he took then, and he has flip flopped on just about every position he is taking now. If that is what you want for a President, by all means vote away. McCain has proven he stands for nothing and will do and say anything to try and win.

Want a short example of this just watch the below:



Sorry... Barr/Root are far more in line with your thinking than McCain. Granted, McCain is closer than Obama by a good margin... but, from reading your blog in depth - on a scale of 1 to 10 - Obama is a "1", McCain is a "4" and the Libertarian Candidates of Barr/Root would be an "8"


Barr and Root probably are.

But - their chances of getting elected are significantly less than slim and none.


Well... I'm one who believes the reason "their chances of getting elected are significantly less than slim and none" is because a lot of people who fall much more in line with their views than with McCain or Obama refuse to vote for them because they feel they are wasting their vote. If you, and all like you, voted for the best candidate regardless of polls - maybe they'd have a chance. Food for thought. I'm voting for Barr.

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