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You're so close Peg, just pull up your big girl pants and let it out.

"Being gay is not morally wrong".

This may be a hard thing to say for what currently passes for a conservative, but real, original conservatives believe in letting other people live their own lives.

You can do it, I know you can. What would William F Buckley say? (although he couldn't get any votes from the modern conservatives, which is a sad thing in itself)


God, Chris? Aren't you able to read? I've stated (more than once) that I'm in favor of gay marriage - and - just a few paragraphs above, I stated that I strongly believe being gay is not morally wrong. Maybe try reading more closely before you tell me to "pull up my big girl pants."

And maybe ponder what the phrase "the bigots among us will no longer be with us" means, too.

Where you and I perhaps differ is that I realize it's a diverse world. In some places and among some groups, they kill those who disagree with them. I've tried for years to convince people I know that there's not a scintilla of anything wrong with being gay. Nevertheless, even if I disagree (often strongly) with others, I'm not going to exclude them from my life because we don't agree about everything.

In any case - I'm not sure what label should be afixed to my beliefs. "Libertarian" is probably closest - although it seems I am fiscally quite conservative - and socially liberal.


No, you said

"I am not saying that "being gay" isn't morally wrong (although I strongly believe this.) "

Maybe in some world this mean that your **are** saying it, but not in mine.

You can say it, or not say it. Pick one.


My point is that the CPAC people should invite groups like GOPAC and Log Cabin Republicans - irrespective of whether they think homosexuality is morally wrong or not. I do not think it's morally wrong. Some of them do.

I was not arguing that because it is incidental to my point. To most English speakers, however, I was clear about my viewpoint. Since you are having difficulties - let me make it perfectly clear. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with morality.

Clear enough now?

J. Reed Anderson

I don't agree with gay marriage. But, I think marriage is a religious and not a government institution. I believe in civil unions, which would give legal rights to both homo- and heterosexual couples. The many and varied sects of Christianity (and any other religion that would wish) can decide if they wish to allow homosexuals to wed. Government has no place in telling religions what the must do.


J. Reed - I understand that some do not (for whatever reasons) wish to accept gay marriage. Then - I think that your solution is perfectly reasonable. Have our government have laws about civil unions - and leave marriage to our private life and institutions. Either way - people should not be treated differently by our government because of their sexual orientation.

J. Reed Anderson

I concur.

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