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R.K. Brumbelow

I have long held the belief that politicians should place all their assets in a trust tied to the financial well being of the country. So, If the nation improves, they improve.

With things like what you bring to light in this Washington Post article though such an idea would be almost irrelevant. Perhaps looking at their assets value before entering office then again after leaving office and comparing that to the nation might be more useful. So sure, you can build that footbridge, but lets say that it raises your property value by 10% and the nation has improved by 5% then you now pay the nation 5% of your new property value.

It is hard to fight graft.

Of course it is not just Congress, according to a PBS program I listened to (yes conservatives sometimes listen to PBS) executive branch pork and staffer pork* puts direct congressional pork to shame by sheer scope.

Maybe I have been listening to to much Brad Meltzer.

* example: http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20111209/10151917022/shockingly-unshocking-two-congressional-staffers-who-helped-write-sopapipa-become-entertainment-industry-lobbyists.shtml

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