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Jon Stewart has a name for this place you live in. It's called Bull$hit mountain.

You say that you believe that "America is exceptional; that it is an objectively better nation than any other that has ever existed."

This is living in a fantasy world. There are objective measures that one can look at; life expectancy, neo-natal mortality rates, education, incarceration rates, national prosperity, etc, etc.

You know where we rank on them compared to many European countries. A progressive liberal takes her head out of the clouds and sees the manure she's walking in.

You can fix a problem if you don't believe that it exists.

Kevin Stroup

Jammen, if that is your real name, please name 5 countries that are better to live in than the U.S. Tell us why they are better, please. Be specific too.

Rick Caird

I am also curious as to when John Stewart become a political philosopher. It seems like every time he gets cornered, he falls back on "I am just a comedian".

J. Reed Anderson

Socialism and its brethren fascism and communism. The difference among them is chiefly in name and not act, although the consequences are the same: failed states, totalitarian overlords, and a significant majority of the populace reduced to wards of the state: those who receive handouts, and those who administer them.
The greatest problem we face as a nation, Peg, and demonstrated by jammen, is the ignorance which accrues from public education. The Book of Marx and all its chapters is still credible, no matter what history most readily shows. And those who get their political education from Comedy Central are those most inculcated by public education to the beneficence of the Book of Marx.

John Pepple

jammen - re: education. A few years ago the Economist pointed out that here in America, one could start at a community college and end up with a Ph.D., but that that wasn't possible in many places in Europe. (The issue was Sept. 10, 2005, p. 6 of their survey of higher education.) And why is this true? Because education here is less elitist than it is in Europe. There are too many people there who get tracked away from college.

It's true that primary and secondary education aren't so good these days, but then they were spoiled by liberals and leftists.

The rest of the statistics you mentioned are ones that I don't trust.

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