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At least you got the voter fraud right.

Obama votes tally as Romney votes;

Blank ballots become Romney votes


Interesting post, it would be far more informative and relevant if you actually looked at the stock numbers since President Obama has been in Office. At last count, it has since an 70% increase since he took over for President Bush. I can recall my 401K being 25% in the tank under Bush, and low and behold it is almost made up what I lost under Bush, and has done well.

Stock Market up 68% under Obama

Looking at a longer trend, same old story, would love to hear you try and deny the actual numbers.

History Shows Stocks, GDP Outperform Under Democrats

And just to drive this point home, if you are so worried about the country's fiscal problems, then you should be happy a Democrat is in Office. As history has shown, Democrats have been far more fiscally prudent then Republicans when it comes to fiscal matters. In all areas concerning items such as GDP, unemployment, increase or decrease in the debt have for the last 75 years been better handled under Democrat Administration than Republican Administrations. So, if one is to live in the reality base world, I just do not understand this fundamental misunderstandings you have with these matters when it comes to Democrats and Republicans in Office.

Is it because you just do not know these facts, or is it that you are just intellectually dishonest when it comes to these matters? I only say this, because the facts are easily found, and a person not knowing this either has to be with ignorant to these facts, or just dishonest.


From your article, Greg:

According to Stovall, every Republican president since Warren Harding (1921–1923) has experienced a recession within the first two years of office, perhaps due to the excesses of the prior administration. “You can stoke the economy by spending irresponsibly, but then someone else has to clean up the mess,” said Stovall.

Also, the composition of Congress can have a great impact on legislation passed - or not. The next two years would be very different had Democrats taken over the house, rather than having it remain in the hands of Republicans.

The market had its biggest loss in 2012 the day following Obama's win - and a sizeable loss the next day, too. We'll see what happens with this Congress and administration - and what happens to our nation down the road.

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