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One-Line Bio

I'm nothing if not an anomaly.


Although a native Chicagoan, I've kept moving north. Madison was home for my first love affair with philosophy; the Twin Cities of MN for graduate school.

When the real world beckoned, I left the ivory tower. But my fascination with learning, logic, and what we can and cannot know has never left me.

Today my time is spent reading semi-incessantly (assuming, of course, that this is possible), playing tournament bridge, and taking photographs. I edit bridge blogs, writing and photographing in various bridge venues.

As the Philosopher-Realtor, my vocation is finding and selling nests for people. Check out!

My contemporary glass perch in the woods is shared with Nippit and the Bud, the Budgies, and ruled by the one and only Molotov Cockatiel (aka "Mr Mollo).

The possibilities of life continue to astound me.


movies, photography, tournament bridge, reading. reading. reading., writing & editing bridge publications, mr. mollo - my cockatiel