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Wednesday, November 02, 2011


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Steve Gaynor

Not quite the worst I have seen. In a team game at the TCBC my RHO opened 2S in 1st chair, caught me with a balanced 25 HCP including AQJTX of spades. I doubled and LHO raised spades (RHO, a good player, had psyched, white vs. red)! Well, it rolled around to me, I X'ed again, RHO XX'ed (SOS holding only 1 spade, not picked up by his partner who had 4 small spades), and it was passed out. Down 8 - 4000! We made 12 tricks on defense. At the other table our opponents got into the wrong slam and went down 1, -100. +4000 and +100 = win 24 (the max).

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