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June 01, 2007


Steven Gaynor

Excellent story Richard! This can be a tough lesson to learn for some of us.

I remember reading about a hand from a major pairs championship similar to this. After a bidding sequence rife with misunderstandings, declarer ends up in 3NX. The opponents have bid and raised diamonds and one is led. Declarer is looking at Tx in dummy opposite his void!
(I said the bidding was rated 'X'). Instead of recriminations, our hero sits up straight,says 'Thank You, Partner' in a most sincere manner and calls for the ten. RHO with K9xxx, does not want to throw up his K to what he thinks is a stiff A so he encourages with the 9! Declarer then rattles off 11 more tricks for the result of 3NX vul +6 for +1350! Tasty.

Actually the rest of the story was that they scored an average minus as most the field got to 6C for +1370.

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