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January 05, 2008



How do I find out the results for the NAP district final?


Normandy; good question! I have contacted the ACBL, and am trying to find out myself.

As soon as I do, I will post them at MN Bridge!

ron fosse

Hi just trying to navigate a blog

Diane Fansler

HI Peg
Brian and Keith have kindly agreed to display Lions Club Eyeglass Collection Buckets at the upcoming Maplewood Sectional. They also recommended that I contact you regarding future partnerships with ACBL tournaments etc in assisting Lions Club with our vision services.
Following Mike Cassel's article at the Gopher, I have received phone calls from out-state ACBL players planning to attend the Maplewood Sectional this weekend to verify that I will again provide Collection Buckets.
Please contact me if you are able to assist.
Thanks, Diane Fansler

Keith Thompson

Peg: the young players you wished to acknowledge are
Alexander Frieden, in the Packers tee shirt; Sophia Maymudes; Thomas Scruggs; and Liyang Liu.
I played against them, and they were fearless!
(Alexander is from the East Coast, and not really a football fan.)

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