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January 14, 2009



I alway enjoy John's columns, but he mis-analyzed this play problem badly. He states that he will run the Jack of spades if West doesn't cover. Why risk that, when there is an easy double squeeze that doesn't depend on the position of the spade Queen and the spade Ten.

Clearly West will be under pressure in the black suits when I cash the heart winners, and will be forced to release his spade guard else the entire club suit comes in. Now the Ace and King of clubs will squeeze East out of any spade guard he holds, as he must cling to the heart Jack. Then the spade Jack to dummy's good AK9.

East should release 4 spades and 1 heart as declarer has 13 tricks if he has the spade Queen (declarer has already show the club King in the bidding and if he has a doubleton spade then East is squeezed in the majors). However, declarer still has an obvious double squeeze as long as he leaves the clubs till last.

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