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February 10, 2011


Mike Cassel

thanks Paul,
my favorite hesitation story:

Alvin Roth, a very ethical player was once defending 7NT in a money game. The hand featured this heart suit in a three card ending:

H. K43

West East (Roth)

H. 862 H. Q95


H. AJ10

South had started with four hearts orginally and had to guess who had the HQ. He started by leading the HJ from his hand. West went into an Oscar winning performance trying to make South think he had the queen and finally played low. South, taken in by all of this, also played low as did Roth! When Roth's partner saw that Alvin had the queen and could have defeated 7NT by taking the trick, he asked Roth why he hadn't taken the trick with the queen. "Because I thought you had it", said Roth.

Paul Gutterman

Love that one Mike!

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