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November 10, 2011


Mike Cassel

The problem, as posed, is a twist on the actual layout of board 14 from Saturday morning where South actually held
KQx AJ8x KTxx Qx and North Axx Kxx Jxx AKxx

only the weak NTers or 16-18ers are not opening 1N with the S hand rather than a more aggressive 14hcp 1N in the problem posed by Irwin. the travelers don't indicate the declarer or contract level (5NT or 6NT??) so we don't know if any North's were declaring & received a heart lead which may pick up the entire suit by ducking in South's dummy.

An extra trick can come from hearts or diamonds. Both suits are 4 opposite 3, the hearts missing the Q and T, diamonds the A and Q. I also made 4, based on the 2:1 relationship with 4 hearts on my right and 2 on my left after playing on diamonds first. I left the hope open that the defense might play a heart for me if i worked on diamonds first.

the matchpoint result across 3 sections on a 23 top:
490 x 3 = 22
460 x 7 = 17
430 x 7 = 10
-50 x 4 = 4x
-100x 2 = 1x
-150x 1 = 0

one of the best aspects of BAM, as alluded by Peg, is the consideration of contract, lead, and declarer skills at the other table.

Many declarers may have attacked hearts first. Running the 9 is probably the right play and produces 3 winners but doesn't solve the diamond suit, and threatens the contract on a black suit continuation if you later misguess the diamonds.

I'm quite surprised that nearly 1/3 of the field went minus. I suspect there were a number of aggressive quantitative raisers to 4N who subsequently went after hearts first.

As posed, and given Irwin's superior choice of trying diamonds first, I'd prefer the term schmo LOL

I'd guess i'm a schmo too for going full throttle and not making 6 when cold for 5.


This hand is a neat example of a board-a-match strategy consideration. thanks

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