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January 20, 2012


Steven Gaynor

Congrats to all on the list and to all who play this great game!

This report does not include points won at the MGSC in December or in the MGSC KO's. Annual totals are not usually final until the February MP run on or about the 6th of the month.


Steve - thanks for the update about this report. Perhaps someone will be wonderful enough to send me a "final year" list with everyone's 2011 points?

Steven Gaynor


I will ask for that in February. I am also hoping to get totals for some of the great players no longer with us that earned most or all of their points while in MN.
Here are some names of players who I think would be in the top 100. Please add any that I may have missed.

Hugh MacLean
Jim Hall
Morrie Freier
Dave Nicklasson
Dave Clarren
Essie Mersky
John Boeder
Ethel Dayboch
Arlene Hill
Beulah Schochet
Don Rockstad

Steven Gaynor

Some more past greats:

Irving Steinfeldt
Jim Hugstad
Margurite Grue
John Cummings

Jim Dayboch

Thank you for doing this. My mom and her companion of 20 years are on this list, as are many of their friends. Although now 60 years old, my memories of this group were as a teenager when I caddied at regionals and nationals.

I would expect Farrell Green (sp?) to be on this list, as well as Don Horwitz (moved to Scotsdale), and possibly Loren Tritter (moved to Houston). As I recall others, I will relay.

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