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January 09, 2013


Rainer Herrmann

This is an interesting defense and the question I have is whether the play up to the four card ending was really as you describe in your narrative.
If the heart layout is correct, your heart endplay can be defeated if Helgemo discards the blocking heart eight in preference of a lower one and Helness keeps all his hearts.
This is certainly not beyond a pair like Helness Helgemo.
Helgemo can see the end-play coming and Torness that there is no defense, unless partner has both rounded suit kings.
I at least would not have awarded a brilliancy price unless Helness Helgemo defended as suggested above.
However, declarer made a subtle error when he covered the heart ten in dummy at trick three. (There is no point in covering)
Without that there is no defense to the endplay.

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