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April 29, 2013


Steven Gaynor

It is a great schedule at a great location. Congrats to Unit 103 for featuring the sectional of the future!

Magnus Weiman

What is the reason to schedule the majority of the sectional on weekdays? This is very inconvenient for those of us who have a daytime job. So, for me this is a bad schedule. What is the advantage of not playing both Saturday and Sunday which are the two days most people are not working?

Steven Gaynor

I know you and Maureen are regular attendees of Sunday events. I work also, so my ability to play during the weekday is limited, but the three sessions on Thursday rate to be about 30 tables more than the total of Saturday night plus all day Sunday.
The bottom line is that there are not enough of us working stiffs who are willing to play on Sunday to make up for those who will play weekdays.

You may still play 4 sessions (Thurs/Fri nights and two on Saturday) without conflict on a 9-5 workday, and with the 2pm start Thursday and Friday aft, it does not cost a lot of time off work to play in what is normally the better attended sessions.

Mike Cassel

District 14 has broad geographic challenges. Attendance at District 14 finals in the 2 grass roots events, the NAPs and GNTs, could be facilitated by co-location with a regional or sectional.

A schedule like this would allow for 2-day NAP or GNT final play with only 1 session of overlap.

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