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July 18, 2013


Stephen Jackson

1) I don't like Choice Pairs because you are only are playing against all of your peers 67% of the time.
2) I talked to several people at the Des Moines regional, from Illinois, who used to attend the Gopher Regional but will not come now because of the Choice Pairs.
3) 20+ years ago, there was the Flight A & B knockouts, which were 6 sessions. The first 4 over 2 afternoon & evenings & the last 2 sessions in the mornings. I won once and runner-up once.


Stephen - a number of people have worked hard to put this schedule together and to meet everyone's needs and preferences. Unfortunately, no matter what is crafted, it will never please everyone. "Choice Pairs" IS the choice of some - and not of others.

As for KO's - 20 years ago many, many parts of the world were different - including tournaments! I have attended many in my day - and have never played in a six session KO.

In any case, I am sure those who put the schedule appreciate your input and thoughts. I am grateful that they work so hard, both on the schedule AND all that goes on before, during and after a tournament!

Stephen Jackson

I should have mention my KOs were Flight B. Winning was worth 32 Gold, even in those pre-inflation point days.

Rich Newell

I've thought that choice pairs might be a good thing to have, because every 2-session regional event of any size these days is afternoon evening, and choice pairs would appeal to anyone who can get up in the morning and play at 9 and 1:30.
Are there imperfections? Sure, you only play a certain amount of the competition. If I had my way, we would offer this, elimiate the side game (pairs, not swiss), and have those people play in this event. That is an extreme view which I do not plan to promote other than this article.

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