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July 29, 2015



Our world is a little less colorful. I'll never forget the year that Don & I played in a 2-session Unit final at the TCBC for the NAP... that was quite a while ago!

I knew we were leading the event with a round or two to go and made the mistake of telling Don that if he just stayed in the boat we were going to win. We've all had days when the opponents just can't make the right decisions.

Oops, I poke the bear and sure enough the top spot slipped from our grasp. Don had a unique defense structure... I'm going to miss him.

John Stansbury

One of my favorite memories of Don is from a small sectional 20+ years ago. At a particularly quiet moment during a pairs game Don's inimitable voice could be heard all over the room as he said, "So now we know what those little green men were looking for -- little green women."
I don't know what conversation led up to the comment, but what followed was an eruption of laughter from the entire room.
Tom Smith will remember this next one, also about 20 years ago. Tom was the director we called to ask whose lead it should be after my partner opened 1NT, - P - P - and Don balanced with *1*H. My partner, Mary Lou (and we miss her too) and Kent Burkhardt on my right both passed and I bid 1NT, passed out. Don & I grinned at each other because the other two still didn't know what was going on. I don't remember what Tom ruled.

Steven Gaynor

Don loved to laugh. As his partner I liked to surprise him with a strange call. Playing in a regional open pairs he overcalled 1N with 2C which we played as a single suited hand. I alerted and then passed. The opponents asked if he had clubs and I said probably not since we would jump to 3C with that suit.
They passed it out and Don just laughed. The opening lead was faced and I laid down six solid clubs - 150 honors. Don grunted approvingly (he was void) and ended up with ten tricks for a top.

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