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April 04, 2016


Mike Cassel

The Gopher Tournament Committee met at the new site on Saturday 4/9. The playing conditions will be FAR better at the new venue. There is lots of parking and, if you arrive early, just as close as the old site.

Onsite dining options, though convenient, will be more expensive. There will not be a snack line just outside the playing area. Plans for a relatively affordable 'prix fixe' lunch option in the pool area are underway. An area dining guide is in the works and there are many options for food just minutes away.

There is a ramp to the playing area just inside the entrance for those who are step-challenged and no elevator is necessary.

Players who enjoy the Morning 2-session Swiss Teams should be aware that there are no afternoon-evening Choice pair options on Wednesday & Friday. On Tuesday & Thursday you'll need to find Swiss teammates if you want to play a Gold point event. I personally think it stinks to not have a Stratified Pair option but sometimes you get outvoted.

KO players be aware that the Jim Hall KO's are no longer "L shaped (Monday eve. Tues am Tues aft Tues eve)" but start MONDAY AFTERNOON not Monday evening.

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