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September 06, 2016


Bill Erickson and Elaine Erickson

What a wonderful treat for Elaine and I to see some very farmiler faces and some new one also. Great to see the Bridge Center and the great times we all had in that building, I for one know that bridge in Minnesota would probably have died without the great help of The Great One Larry Oakey.........thank you all for coming to the Bridge Center when we were there. PLease continue to come and enjoy bridge. Terri and Chip have to love bridge and the players, it is a task that they undertake as the time and effort that they put in is not because of finincial rewards. Again bridge players owe a great round of applause to the great one.LARRY OAKEY. I hope that players also should thank Mike Flader, Steve Gaynor, Fred Espie Sharon Anderson and many others who have donated much to the game and many thanks to Peg Kaplan who help keep the great game of bridge active. BIll and Elaine Erickson

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