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September 15, 2017


Paul Gutterman

Over the past number of years Jon has been my "second partner." He was a fascinating man with so many interests as you can see from his obituary. He was also very much a gentleman. And although he played as vanilla a card as one can find these days, he was an extremely fine player that proved that sound bidding judgment, excellent declarer play and sound defense is all you need to get consistently great results. I will miss him.

Peter Litchfield

Jon took me under his wing when I turned up in Minneapolis as a wandering Brit. He and Paul were my main partners in the eight years I spent with you. We had some success, I still have a photo on my bookshelf of the Apostles four (Jon, Paul, Peter and Mary(Anne) after a winning teams session at the regional. He was always the kindest and most sympathetic of partners even in the face of English misunderstandings, which fortunately didn't happen often.

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