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January 16, 2018


Paul Gutterman

Thanks for the "heads up" Eric! Cancer still has no cure :-)

Actually it is scary playing with someone so obsessive. Fortunately he doesn't remind me of the exact dates when I declared at a 43% clip.

I've always been more of a "one partner" at a time type of player, having probably 90+% with just four people (Jasmin King, Peter Litchfield, Jon Weinberg and Eric). I'm only guessing at the percentage since I have never kept a spreadsheet.

With any partnership you are going to have bad sessions, bad tournaments and bad months. Eric has put up with all of these from me. But I echo his sentiment that we know each is trying their best, but sometimes you are tired or stressed or just have a mental fart.

Of course it also helps if you are just a "nice guy" and Eric qualifies in spades there. Thanks Eric!

Kevin O'Brien


The technical medical term for what you called a "mental f**t" is "cranial flatulence."

Congratulations to you and Eric on not just a long-standing successful partnership, but also on the example you are setting for newer players.

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