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December 26, 2018


Steven Gaynor

Bill Erickson, past owner of the Twin City Bridge Center (1979-1997) passed away in December, 2018.
Due to cancellations of games at other venues when the place had better offers from non-bridge renters,
he was determined to offer a place for sanctioned duplicate games that was going to be there. He bought the BC with a consortium of other players and bought them all out in 1982.
He was a credible player in his own right and one time at the gopher regional he was partnering Evan Sachs in the Swiss with top local players Bob Balderson and John Bloomquist at the other table. They were facing a top team with international stars Mike Passell and George Mittleman. Bill held a decent 4-4-1-4 hand with the stiff King of diamonds. They opened a weak 3S on his left and he doubled. His partner, Evan, bid 4N, ace asking and with one ace, Bill responded 5D. According to Evan he visible
gasped when Evan passed this bid, but kept his composure as Evan came down with 8 diamonds, AQJTxxxx and a couple of other honors. The defense cashed two aces and the contract came home.
At the other table, Bob opened 1S, not 3, holding AQTxxxx, xx, x, Axx. Now he and John found the good 5S sacrifice, down 1 for a big IMP pickup and they beat the experts! After this, whenever Evan saw Bill he would say, ‘Five diamonds’, and Bill would reply with a mock gasp. RIP, Bill.

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