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December 01, 2019


Nick Erpelding

I was also shocked and saddened to hear of Bruce's passing yesterday.

I first met Bruce after taking a new job in 2007. Bruce was a long-time expert in the traffic engineering industry and I was semi-new to the field. Bruce took me under his wing and helped me learn the technical details of the profession. As noted by Vern, Bruce was a tech lover and tech expert. He was a whiz with computers and spreadsheets. Several of the tools I use in my work to this day are based on templates Bruce developed decades ago. His knowledge of the 80's era equipment still used to operate modern traffic signals was amazing. Even after his retirement, and after I had moved on to another firm, I would still reach out to him for advice and guidance, and he would happily provide it.

On one of our work road trips, Bruce asked if I knew how to play bridge, and was more than slightly surprised when I said "Yes!" From that point forward we spent many hours discussing bridge, playing together as partners occasionally. Of the countless guidance, tips and recommendations I received from Bruce as an up-and-coming player, one of my favorites was when he lent me Mel Colchamiro's book, "How You Can Play Like an Expert." In seemingly every session I've played since, there is at least one "Rule of X" hand in the set, and the tips from that book always seem to pay off! Bruce also strongly espoused the value of support doubles and Bergen raises. He was patient when I would inevitably forget one during a set, but at the same time he knew how to motivate me like a parent in order to learn from the mistake and improve for the future.

I will greatly miss my friend and mentor.

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