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April 12, 2020


Rebecca Anspach

The first time that I played against John and Helen Gustafson was about 12 years ago at a regional in Iowa. My partner and I played against John and Helen in a team game and we finished our 6 boards quickly, while at the other table, both pairs were playing very slowly. John asked if we wanted him to tell us how we should have bid and played on each of the hands while we waited and we were then treated to a very good bridge lesson. He knew that we were novices and spoke to us respectfully. I thought it was very nice of him to give us the lesson. I am glad to see that he is still enjoying bridge and still winning. I look forward to seeing his photo in an upcoming Bridge Bulletin.

Jonathan M. Cohn

I had been playing bridge about three years or so when I headed to Des Moines for a sectional with my partner who was then one of the youngest players around. (Sadly he still is.) We sat down against a gentleman and lady who were quite a bit older than the field and I thought, "We are really gonna crush these two." Three boards and three match point bottoms later the reverse had occurred. I had to know who had just thrashed us and quickly found out it was Dr. John and his wife Helen, two grand life masters. I try not to underestimate players anymore.

A few years later I was playing against this star couple in the Omaha Regional. As the hand progressed I had a little luck and made an over trick. Dr. John must have given Helen a questioning look as she belted out in her quivering voice, "I was squeezed!" Indeed she was. I vowed then never to play with my wife.

Congratulations! 20000 is amazing. I hope to see you all soon at the bridge table.

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