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Keith Burgess-Jackson

Nice post, Peg. I worry about intangible things like self-respect and self-esteem. How does affirmative action affect these? Also, those who defend affirmative action should ask how they would feel if everyone *assumed* that they got where they are because of a boost rather than because of hard work. I'd rather fail than get undeserved benefits.

Peg K

Keith --

Thanks. Doesn't it also seem that racial affirmative action sends a sorry message? What else can it mean other than "We don't think people of your sort can make it on your own, like others."

I don't believe this for a second. Give kids of any race the right educational tools, support, love and HIGH EXPECTATIONS.... they will do well.


The sentiments above are in the right place, but there is an assumption that there is no racism or white privilege in america today. The brown kid my have a slight statistical advantage in getting admitted to a college, but in college and after graduation, the white kid will have overwhelming advantages (promotion, hiring, getting loans, dealing with officers, etc.). Not to mention dealing with bigots here who think he is a Mexican who took their jobs.

I think if the white kid looks at the whole picture, and not just some statistical advantage to get into some schools, there is no way he (or any rational person) would trade places with his Guatemalan brother.

Also, American minorities have always been stigmitized for one reason or another. Tell me a time when american non-whites were seen as equals to whites morally or intellectually. Now, affirmative action is the excuse to stigmitize minorities. I think minorities would rather have opportunity with the stigma, than the affection of whites and second-class status.

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