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Keith Burgess-Jackson

Great post, Peg. I'm similarly ambivalent about the Vietnam war. John Kerry seems to be on every side of every issue. He learned well from Bill Clinton. Give me someone who stands for something, even if it's something I don't believe in. I admire principled people. I despise people who take positions on the basis of expediency. I think I'd rather have John Edwards than John Kerry as my president.

Peg C.

Good to see a Peg blogging. :-)
My hubby is a Vietnam vet and finds Kerry's actions since serving both reprehensible and unforgivable. Also, I have been reading everything I can find on Kerry's positions on the war before and after serving, as well as the astonishingly short tour he served, and IMHO it is very questionable at best whether he indeed served honorably. I cannot escape the conclusion that every bit of it was schemed and contrived as part of a grand strategy to lend him authenticity for his anti-war actions specifically with running for office/president in mind. Add to this the evidence that he has no achievements in office other than attempting to weaken our defense and intel capabilities. The fact that he is now trying to use his Vietnam vet status as justification to take all his foreign policy weaknesses and flipflops off the table in this election further convinces me that I am right. I haven't seen anyone so calculated and phony since Clinton. Not a principle or shred of decency in sight. Edwards is awful, but Kerry is a major menace to this country.

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