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Steve Michaels

When you look over the entire course of Jewish history, you see a people that have been oppressed from day one. A pogrom here and there. I knew an old man in college who was a Polish Jew who survived the war. We had a pretty good relationship and I hesitantly asked him one time why during the war the Jews seemed to so meekly surrender when the Germans were rounding them up and sending them off to camps.

At the time I really knew nothing of Jewish history but he explained that Jews have always been stepped on and they simply were 'used to it'. In other words, sh** happens and life would go on, been there, done that. He said of all the pogroms of the past, it never came to the point of what the Nazis tried to accomplish and that was the awakening. He said many Jews finally realized that after WW2 they came so close to being extinct that they took up the motto of never again which of course we hear all the time in cases like, Bosnia or Rawanda ten years ago or Sudan today.

The only difference is that the Jews actually mean it.

Quite sad.

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