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You know, I am getting somewhat tired of the Iraq is a failure, quagmire etc. cannard. History has a wondeful way of putting things into perspective. If you look at the end of WW2, victory was won but the world was in a shambles, displaced persons in the tens of millions, the entire European economy in a shambles (would make Iraq look like a boom) and a comepletely destroyed infrastructure. But the fighting wasn't over. Greece erupted in a civil war that lasted until 1949, the Viet Minh began thier war for independence, China was in its own civil war, the Soviets putting down Ukranian seperatists, the Pakistan/India partition and all this within the first 5 years of VJ day.

But many people think that when Japan surrendered it was all sunshine and daffodils. Please, the world was a basket case. The entire old world order that had been in place for since roughly the late 18th century was coming apart at the seams. In context of history, Iraq today barely qualifies as a hiccup.

But then again, history is not a strong suit among many considering some I know think of history as last week.

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