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Peg K

Kevin - Your post makes me wish to respond with a number of different thoughts. In no particular order, here they are.

I didn't compare the hurt of being called a racist to the hurt of being the victim of racism. Why do you? Why can't both hurt?

Part of what hurt was that this is a friend who has known me a long time - and in over 12 years, has never before told me that anything I did or said seemed racist. I am quite certain that I could not be good friends with a racist - and I assume (perhaps erroneously) that he would be unable to do so, also. Thus, a good part of my hurt is because of the potential of losing a friend that I like.

Why do you assume that I will dismiss your opinions? What have I written that would make you think that?

Of course, I can never walk in your shoes. I'm not black; I'm not male.

But, what I can do is take experiences that I have had, and listen to people like you who have "walked in your shoes" - and then try to understand.

As a Jew, I've been subjected to anti-semitism a few times in my life. Very uncomfortable; feelings of hurt and shame immediately. But, when you think about it, it's the person doing the prejudging and the hating that's really the one who should be shameful; not the object of false beliefs.

My guess is that what I experienced is only a fraction of what you probably have. So, if I multiply many times, yes - I cannot know, but I can imagine how hurtful racism is.

If I gave you the impression that I dismiss racism, think it doesn't exist, think that it's not a big deal - then I apologize. I didn't do a good job of expressing myself, for I think none of those things.

But, while we are talking, perhaps you could try to think of what it must be like to be someone who IS exceptionally disturbed by racism and its effects - and who wants to do what they can about it - but, who is white.

What do you expect from someone like me?

You said that I was insulting. What am I supposed to do and say so that you will not think that?

Finally - why do you assume all these different things about what I think and know from a small post?

If you feel like answering - I'm want to listen.


Peggy, what were you thinking! Obviously someone as right-wing and conservative and white as you would never listen to the down-trodden black man. Never mind Kerry's slogan is "Truth for a Change." The Democrats won't even go so far as to allow a difference of opinion. They can only see another view as untruth. Also, the fact the millions of your people were slaughtered at the hand of Hitler- how could you begin to understand the inheritance that slavery bequeaths?
PS- I am a proud friend of Ally and her spew.

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