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I had heard that in Massachussetts you are actually allowed to check a box to give more money to the IRS. I think it would be interesting to see how many of these liberals who don't believe they deserve the tax cuts check off this box. It basically comes down to one notion: The liberals feel somewhat guilty that they have money, so they'll raise a good noise about how they dont deserve the tax cut, how they want the government to take more from them, but secretly, they take every advantage they can to keep the money. Why else would a certain politician purposely create a corporation naming himself as the sole owner and manager, giving himself a salary of 200k, then limitless money in dividends just to avoid a medicare tax? Its even more ironic because this is the same guy that "fights for the downtrodden and poor". Funny that he devises a scheme to rip off 300k a year in medicare taxes when these are supposedly the people he is championing for.

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