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Actually right before Clinton delivers a speech, he has the secret service plant a lightning rod behind him.


It constantly amazes me how even after Bill Clinton has left office, you people still seem to bring him up. Last time I look, Clinton was a private citizen, and wasn't running forr anything. Yet, here he is, being brought out again and I am wondering why? Could it be because the President has flip flop on the issue of winning the war on terrorism this week?? Or could it be that the Census reports shows that under President Bush poverty in rising?? Or could it be that he will be the first president since Hoover that has seen a negative job growth in his term. Aren't these issues far more important issues that to bring up and bash Bill Clinton? Let's let that horse die and let's move on more important issues. Or is this the same smoke and mirror show President Bush used when he diverted the nations attention from going after the person behind 9/11 (Osama) and going after Iraq. I wonder.

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