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Yes I saw it, and honestly it maded me smirk and laugh. I do not know why I am constantly being shown the opinions and writings of people that have so little voice or say in the black community. Could it be that they are correct in their analysis, and the opposite view that is felt by so many self loving African Americans are wrong? Or could it be that they view things in the same light that you and a great majority or people, which makes it a more viable approach then what others think or say. Case in point, has anyone seen the movie The Believer?? If so, could I assume that the main character's thinking was correct?? (For those who have not seen the movie, it is a story based on a true story of a Jewish boy who becomes a skinhead and is out to kill all Jews when he's older. He becomes an skinhead or Nazi). The point I am making here is extreme (very extreme use to buttress my point), but it speaks to my feelings. These people are far from the norm, they are the exception to the rule.

Let me be perfectly honest, this person view doesn't faze me at all. I view people like this as nothing short of sell outs. I will allow that they have the right to their opinions and their way of thinking. But this view holds so little weight with me, or many of those I know in the African American community. Just as I am unmoved by this article, I would ask you this?? Wouldn't we feel the same if tomorrow Osama Bin Laden came to the United States and suddenly wanted to help the United States with terrorism?? How would that look to you or I?? So if you would be leary of him, why should I and others be just as leary of people who feel things are just peachy. People such as Ward Connelly, Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas (to name an all too brief few) have no say in the way I feel, or a great many of the people I know, or come in contact with. In my eyes they are dead to me, they do not like who they are, they have never taken a strong stance for any of the concerns of African American community, so if they disappeared tomorrow, their loss would mean nothing.

Mike Matterson

The most successful blacks in the culture are "dead" to you. That says nothing about them and everything about you.

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