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Your lips to gods ears


Ok. We never forget, what does it mean to never forget and how can we tell when a people or someone from amongst a people that have been the victim of a tragedy forgot?

Half Pint

Faheem, only morally confused persons need ask such a question. When evil shows itself and individuals or groups equivocate on matters that should be obvious to all decent people, then they (and we) are doomed to repeat our mistakes.

Terry Baker

Jesus wept. Victory against Islamic Jihad! -Terry Baker, Highland Park, IL

Alex Alldredge

Thank you for the TRUTH!


The first picture is from Marion, Indiana, not Mississippi. It was the last lynching in the north, and took place in 1930. Seventy five years later Grant County, the county Marion is in, now has a black Sheriff.


Never forget human nature. We insist on experiencing tragedy before we can keep it in our hearts... mourn for those who are lost as a result.

Never forget that the world does not share a single sense of something as basic, and often as obvious, as justice. We must train the hearts of our children... the answer to this is in there in all of us.

I will never forget 9-11, even though a major political party, tried to underhandedly claim it was all a hoax... as the families still mourned for their dead -those who simply left for work one day never to return home again. All because of the symbolism of their workplace... and because we tolerate, if not foster, chaos. -when sustainable lives can be lived by all.

The world is entering into a chaos... draw your own personal line with your values. Educate... don't dominate. The number of humans on this ball is growing explosive quickly.

Knowledge is its own reward... as ignorance is its own sentence.


that lynching was in marion indiana


Never forgey


god bless you


You Forgot , Vietnam, El Salvador, Serbia,WWI, WWII, Croatia, Macedonia and the Aids Epidemic in USA 80's..

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