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Typical of the media elite. So what is the credential of a real journalist I ask? Dan Rather? Jason Blair? Considering the credibility hits that the vaunted profession of journalism has taken of late, for this guy to make those kinds of statements is chutzpa of the first order.

I would use his column as the main lining of Mr. Mollo's cage. At least it has some use!



"So, Mr. Van Gogh. Do you have credentials? what is you certification for claiming to be a painter? And you, Mr. Newton. Is it true you have no degrees of any kind? And you claim to be the inventor of, what is it, calculus? Ha.

Robert Blair

I am amazed that Bloggers have not adopted the kids game hero, Pajama Sam, as their emblem.

He is a little guy who saves the world from the curse of badness and chaos - in his pajamas. The voice is espeically cute, being the same voice actress who does Marge Simpson.

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