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Was your birthday today? Guess what, so was mine!

Cheers and happy B-day!

David Strom


Are you a goody-two-shoes? Bad language is appropriate in some cases, you know.

It's hard to imagine that after the blogosphere took down Dan Rather the NYT still refuses to see the most vibrant and intellectually challenging part of it. But there is the evidence for all to see in black and white.

Peg K

Goody-two-shoes? MOI? Nah.

And I'm afraid that I do use language appropriate for sailors more often than I ought. In print, however, I try harder to avoid it. (Tougher to deny that you sound like a boxer when it's recorded for posterity!)

But yes - it IS pretty sad about the NYTimes - among others. I just read a good column by David Broder where he states he is ashamed of what so many in his profession are now doing (or, not doing - like checking out their stories.)

I continue to wonder - when will they wake up? Or - WILL they wake up??

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