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Can one oppose the war and not be a fan of Kerry or a Democrat? Is it possible for the two to be mutually exclusive? I have no love for either party (neither one has addresses my concerns) and I just feel that Iraq wasn't our biggest threat. In my eyes Afghanistan and Osama were a bigger threat. Am I wrong to think this? I could be ( I by far do not hold all the answers, and we might differ, but does that difference in looking at a problem automatically make me a pawn of the democratic party or a leftist liberal? Pat Buchanan (no favorite of mine) opposes the war too. Would you label him in the same context? Last time I look, he wasn't supporting John Kerry.

As for the deaths of people in the Sudan or other poor countries, history is the best judge of the American reaction to the death of colored people in the world. While this is not a personal indictment on you (or an attack), the general reaction and policy of these things and how this country handles them is self explanatory. When we look at how we (the United States) reacted to the millions of deaths in Rwanda, or the Sudan, and the whole blank check we had with South Africa, America's response to those who die who hold no real interest with our way of live is pretty self evident.

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