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David Strom

Powerful story, Peg.


I am convinced there is an afterlife, but not necessarily as is commonly portrayed. There is a book, "Hello from Heaven" which compiles hundreds of so-called after-death communications. Reading it with scepticism I still came to think that there is "something" there. My God daughter was extremely close to my deceased son, and not too long after he was killed, she says that he did come and visit her. It is also obvious from the way she tells it, it was not a dream. My middle son, who was the closest person to Adam when he was alive, says that Adam came to him very shortly after his death, and ever since, though Michael misses Adam, he has been at peace with it. I discussed this some in one of my very early posts on souls.

Liberal Larry

I don't believe in ghosts. If there's an afterlife, why would gramps spend it lurking around my apartment?

Seeing dead relatives is just your brain's way of coping with the loss.


I once thought the same thing too, Larry. It is a common response from people who have not experienced this to consider it a form of illusion. I will tell you that despite grief, people know the difference between this and illusion. But Grandpa doesn't spend his time lurking around mine or anyone else's apartment unless he has a purpose. Once my middle son and my God daughter were comforted, my son did not return. He had other things to do. To inaccurately quote Shakespeare, "There are more things in the world, Larry, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

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