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John Sanchez

I sent the comments below to the editors of El Pais as well as to the Spanish embassy in Washington and their consulate in New York (English translation at the end).

I don't agree that they are just saying that a lot can happen so keep up with the news. First impressions count and, like me, a number of Spanish blog readers have called this ad "indecent" and a "depraved milestone"; 3000 dead used for commercial purpose.

Subject: Un Anuncio Depravado como ninguno. A Depraved Ad like no other

Yo no sé como describer mis emociones cuando vi el anuncio de El Pais “Un Dia Para Mucho”. Sentí como que mi Corazon se detuvo por un tiempo. Quize llorar por la bajeza a la que algunos Españoles han caido, pero tambien quize llorar de rabia.

Como un Hispano, un Newyorquino, un Estado Unidense, un SER HUMANO, este Anuncio me enfermó. Les deberia dar verguenza.

I don’t know how to describe my emotions when I saw the ad in El Pais “You Can Do a Lot in a Day”. I felt like my heart stopped for a while. I wanted to cry due to the depths to which some Spaniards have descended, but also due to rage.

As a Hispanic, a New Yorker, an American, a HUMAN, BEING, this ad made me sick. Shame on you.

David Strom


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