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Kerry(yes, really)

Who 'won' the debate. Ah. Who won? What is there to have won? Anyone, anyone, Bueller? There is no 'thing' to win. Those of us watching intently watch a bit too intently. It was not a debate, however much we hoped the President would let fly the rhetorical dunstones. Had he done so, the Haughty Norman would have taken the mud from his catapaults and loaded them with, (as the Irish pronounce it), shite. That smell and flavor on everyone's face and tongue would linger for weeks, four weeks. The ratherblather would sniffingly waft about the bouquet and nose. "Vintage debate. That '72 Kerry, what a full bodied President he'll be." The President does not need to convince the comitted. He cannot shift those mired in shite. Debate? It was poker. Dealt to the "...Well Lena, the election is a month away. Nothing else on. Better watch this debate show." And what did they see? The coiffured Frenchurian candidate lecturing,and President Bush, "I will defend America. Every time".

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