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You are aware that the Bush administration has a record of announcing terror warnings at politically opportune moments, are you not, and that they always experience a bump in the polls as a result?

In fact there are reports today that The White House may have leaked the ABC story to Matt Drudge as a way of pressuring the network to air the story.


You say a videotape of some loudmouth spouting off against the US "gives you pause." How is this a threat to anyone? Puleez!

What ever happened to "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself?"

This floundering president feeds on fear and needs fear to survive politically.

What a difference.

Peg K

The FBI and the CIA have confirmed that this video is legitimate.

Or do you believe, Jake, that they, too, do the "bidding" of this president?

Let me simply ask you this. ABC is now stating that they DO think that the video is not illegitimate. Should ABC not let the public know about it because of the upcoming election? Or should they let the public know because it IS news, and let whatever happens happens?

As for "feeding on fear" - I think you've got the wrong party.

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