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Kirsten Edwards

Two words: Stockholm Syndrome.

Not nauseating then, merely pitiable.

Noah The African

Yeah...as if you would not say the same thing to save your tail...besides, one man's/womens floor is often anothers ceiling. She might simply be telling the truth from the way she sees it...since she has been on the inside looking out...while you all sit at your TV's on the outside looking in. She has waaaaaayyyyyy more credibility than any of you or me for that matter.


I forget what the condition is called, but does it remind you of a kidnap victim saying her captors were good people and just misunderstood?

Peg K

Good comment, Chris.

Do you remember Patty Hearst? She was kidnapped - and then joined her kidnappers in committing crimes!

I do not know the history of this Italian woman, so I cannot say if this phenomenon applies or not. But - possibly you are correct.


Thanks for the barf bag warning. That was my first reaction also. This woman has a real problem, to praise people who were willing to kill her is bizarre at the minimum. Noah the African has a real problem with evaluating reality, or else is such a pragmatist that human life has no meaning beyond the end to which it is the means. As always you have more guts than I to find and post such information, necessary thought it may be to know.

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