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WOW! That is awesome, Peg. You gave me goosebumps! I can't wait to link this post. You have such an awesome insight and way with words. And what an excellent analogy.

John Anderson

"But before we reject this administration and its errors, we must weigh. Do we really think that a Kerry administration would handle world affairs and terrorism better? Do we want the future of our nation and the world in the hands of Kofi Annan and the U.N.?"

Not I. And I wish someone would pin down Kerry on just what allies he would have gotten aboard for deposing Saddam after over a decade of non-compliance with UN resolutions and at least weekly shooting at the planes enforcing the UN's "flyover" plan. OK, we all know he means France and Germany (January 2003: NYTimes quotes France's Chirac to the effect that "under NO circumstances would we agree to depose Saddam"), I just want it spelled out so he could be asked just HOW he would have gotten them to do anything during 2001-2003? Heck, even now they feel it too dangerous to send in anyone and insist that their contribution (training police/troops) be done outside the Middle East.


Peg, whether you're voting Republican or not, it's not true that no one could examine the mayhem that might ensue after an invasion.

I specifically remember people warning that there would be civil strife between the minorities in Iraq which might still occur.

And I myself wondered how the Iraqis would see the Americans as liberators when they had been subject to so much propaganda against them and, indeed, had fought a war against them. Moreover, the Shiites and the Kurds had been betrayed to some extent by the sloppiness of the Gulf War coalition which allowed them to be attacked by Saddam after the war ended. (Eventually the fly-overs were initiated to protect them).

I'll bet that if you surf around you can find a number of articles warning about the ugliness that would ensue after the takeover.

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