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Here are some facts you missed.

1.1 million more African Americans now live in poverty.

The unemployment rate for African Americans has risen 33% since George Bush took office.

The number of uninsured in America has risen since Bush has been in office. There are now 43.6 million people in this country who lack health insurance. Of those, now 11% of all children in this country lack health insurance while 15% of all African American children lack medical insurance.

George Bush has cut the budget of programs such as Head Start.

"No Child Left Behind" was the program Bush created in 2002. The only problem is that since then he has proposed less money for the public schools than promised under this law. In fact he has refused $33 Billion promised by this law.

Opposed the afirmative action plan that was in place at the University of Michigan. He called it a quota system. This arguement was dismissed by the United States Supreme Court. Only to make matters worse, this is a man that got into Yale under a legacy preference though his school records and test scorse were below Yale admission average.

Broke his promise to fund the American Dream initiative. In 2003 George Bush promised to fully fund the American Down Payment Initiative which was to assist low income and minorities families witht heir first down payment on a home. When it came down to funding, instead of funding it fully, he cut the programs funds in half.

33% of the $15 billion Bush pledged to fight Aids in Africa has to go to abstinence-only programs.


LC: Spoken like a true professional victim.

Peg K

Yes, I must echo your thoughts, Bill.

You and I are well aware that the majority of blacks have the capability to do well in our country today, with hard work, perseverance and the little bit of luck that everyone always needs.

Too bad that LC doesn't have that same faith.


I don't recall where I spoke anything about victims or faith in anyone. In fact I offered no commnentary just facts and numbers. If you dispute the numbers below are some of the sources as to where I got the information.

Sources of Information

Unemployment numbers: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jan 2001 and July 2004

Poverty Numbers: Census Bureau 2002 and 2003 statistics.

Cuts in Head Start Program: The Center Of Law and Social Policy www.clasp.org

Reduced funding to Leave No Child Behind: Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. 5/12/04

Calling Michigan affirmative action program a quota system and it's overturning: www.supremecourtus.gov. 6/23/04.

Getting accepted to Yale on a legacy preference: Newsday 1/17/03, or New York Times 6/23/03, or Yale Book of Numbers and Historical Statistics of the College University.


It is no mystery to me why you Peg can not understand the voting habits of Black men and women. However, I will say that your arrogance is the same as most white folk that believe they know what is best for Black men and women. White folk have been on the wrong side of race relations in this nation since its inception and all of sudden Black men and women suppose to listen to what they have to say on matters of race especially concerning the children of those who suffered under their white wicked rule. Republicans love Negro-Cons like they love their pets, they enjoy their company and their presence help validate their racist ideology.

Every turncoat regardless of the issue always win creditability with Republicans when they switch sides and sell out the interest of those whom they have fought for in the recent past or whom they should be fighting for. Examples of this can be found in Republicans embracing Negro turncoats, White turncoats like Zel Miller and Dick Morris; all of a sudden we are to believe these men are credible because they embrace an ideology they fought for years against. I am not fooled and nor are the majority of Black men and women, who can see through the Republican smiling faces to see their ideology that is supported by the vilest of human being on the planet, the white racist..

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