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Excellent post, Peg. We were just talking about that at "work" (ya know, us state employees) today. But we want to leave this case wide open so this woman can get off....ya know, another interesting point - in the case of Laci Peterson, it was an "unborn baby" - and a MAN was the one on the line for it. Here we have a WOMAN on the line for it, and suddenly, it is a "fetus". No doubt we will be made to feel sorry for her moment of insanity. Am I witnessing a bit of sexist behavior, or is it just me?


Now I don't know where you stand on capital punishment but it is savage murders like this that the death penalty was made for IMHO.

I can't even read anymore about it because it simply makes me ill. As a husband and father myself, I cannot even begin to imagine what that poor man is going through.


I can't completely agree with Eskimo. Unfortuantely we do not, nor will we ever, have a punishment that fits this crime. We are too civilized. This begs not just for capital punishment, but an exception to the "cruel and unusual" clause. I can't really decide between keelhauling or staking this murderer out on an ant hill.

Well, that's how I honestly feel, as a husband and father, about this. But as a society, we cannot do that, so we will have to settle for deciding between life in prison or endless appeals followed by execution.

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