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Craig Westover

Here's an indication of what's wrong with "public" education as constituted today. It views the evolution/intelligent design/creationism issue as a "problem" to be solved instead of a diversity of ideas to be explored. What a shame!


Where is the ID evidence? Evolution has been observed both in a laboratory and in nature, whereas creationism cannot even rightly be called a theory as it is deliberately unfalsifiable.

Having some scientists think that is sounds good doesn't make it a theory. Remember cold fusion? Couple of "scientists" were over enthusiastic about what they thought they had found, but peer review demonstrated the folly. Evolution has been peered for over one hundred years and remains the most credible theory available. ID can not be peered or tested because the central tenet of ID cannot be demonstrated. That means it's not a scientific theory, it is in fact wishful thinking.

It's not science, so why should it taught as science? The post claims not to understand the finer points but yet claims injustice by those who complain. The complaint is voiced because ID is not science, not an attack on religion. The only reason it seems to be an attack on religion is because the agenda is being forced by fundamentalists on schools. Don't say that there is injustice if the issues are not understood. This is not about free speech, it's about misusing science to advace an agenda. That agenda is to deny that evolution casts doubt on the creation story. It's not even an origional creation story. Other faiths had similar myths long before the Bible was written.

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