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In addition to the nanny government issues, there is always the issue with any medicine that somewhere along the line it is also a poison, taken in enough dosage, or perhaps taken for very long periods. Because of this, informed consent and patients sharing the responsibility for their medications is essential.

I suffer from arthritis and some days I truly suffer. I cannot take any of the long-term relief medicines, because of a side effect. There are days when Tylenol doesn't get it, and I take Ibuprofen. But only one dose. I would gladly trade an increase from 1-3% in heart attack risk for the relief. Besides, with the relief I could exercise well enough that the risk reverts to the lower levels or lower.

Some medicines I won't take on principle, because I know enough about the systems they alter to be afraid. Of course if the difference were life or death, or a major difference in quality of life, that would be different.

In our attempts to be totally risk-free, we are actually harming ourselves in the long run. Many medicines are effective for most of the population, but are not available because they have enough side-effect occurrence to be removed from use. Aspirin would probably never pass the FDA today. But allowing more risk means greater vigilance on the part of both doctors and patients.

Responsibility seems to be a disappearing trait these days.

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