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The important thing was that the second most important man in the US was there to remember. This is nothing more than the form vs. substance BS that we get daily. She has nothing to offer of her own, was not even alive when Auschwitz was liberated, so in her guilt has to hide it to herself with self-righteousness.

I was alive but not old enough to remember. But the pictures are more than enough to send the message--NEVER AGAIN. It is imperative that we remember.

How to prevent it is not in the scope of this comment.


Peg, I'm going to sound a little outlandish here, but I read the article that you linked to in the Post. Why in God's name does Cheney have to be uncomfortable in order to witness this memorial? You wouldn't catch me not dressed for the cold, I don't care what I am going to. And I thought the point of memorials such as these was not to mourn that which we cannot change, but to remember so we do not become it. And if the goal is to remember, then does the color of one's clothing matter? And who knows where he came from - he might have had an emergency or been committed otherwise, and he HAD to come in what he was dressed in, or not make it at all.

God forbid he had come dressed like everyone else - they probably would have accused him of trying to fit in.

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