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Libertarian Girl

I don't approve of the Bush privatization plan, but I agree with you that the quoted letter is inappropriate for a respectable paper like the NY Times. It's just hysteria with absolutely no facts behind it. Yet another indication of the NY Times' bias (but of course they don't pretend that they're not biased.

Peg K

Lib Girl - I'm not sure exactly what the "Bush privatization plan" really is. I've never seen the, as they say, gory details.

I can imagine being supportive of some plans and not others, though in theory, I am supportive of people having the ability to choose to have a partial private plan.

Actually, I'm not sure that the NY Times does not attempt to hide some of its bias. If they are the "paper of record" but not always recording the unvarnished truth - what exactly are they recording??

Still - I do know what you mean. No one would ever confuse them with the Weekly Standard, and they make no pretense about that.


I don't know why this man isn't embarassed to admit that his mother has to depend on the government for her livelihood while he is still alive and well. I would be.

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